宮島醤油 ボルシチ ロシア風野菜スープ 300g×30袋 508000 誕生日ケーキレシピ11選♪手作りで迷ったらこれで決まり!





NOTE: If you don’t see your dirt bike or enduro make/model motorcycle listed here, contact us about compatibility.

■Product Description
NEW 2017! Introducing the Coyote Saddlebag Roll Top, a fresh update of our original flagship horseshoe-shaped dual sport and enduro rackless Giant Loop Saddlebag design that launched our company in 2008. The Coyote Saddlebag Roll Top features a convenient rolling closure that seals out water and dust while maintaining the packable volume and all the unique “go light, go fast, go far” features of our zipper closure Coyote Saddlebag. Other enhancements include sewn-on molded rubber badges, Giant Loop branded grab handles that double as side compression straps, a set of 3 RF welded waterproof inner liner Saddlebag Dry Pods with air purge valves, and drains in the bottoms of the Saddlebag’s “legs” that allow water to escape if it manages to penetrate the highly water resistant out shell (yea, we understand - we’ve dunked our bikes in streams crossings, too!).
“The best hard-core saddlebag and tank-bag solution we’ve found is from Giant Loop…. There are cheaper solutions to carrying stuff, but these American-made pieces have been over mountains and across deserts with no issues.” - Cycle World Magazine

The Coyote Saddle Bag Roll Top is the NEW rackless motorcycle luggage choice for hardcore off-road expeditions. Carry gear for overnight or multi-day trips - and still have access to the entire saddle - with the Coyote Saddlebag Roll Top mounted to the rear fender and/or tail rack of virtually any dirt bike, dual sport or enduro motorcycle. No passenger pegs required, the Coyote Saddlebag Roll Top anchors to the frame or subframe on most motorcycle makes/models - as well as snow bikes, such as Timbersled and MotoTrax.

Coyote Saddlebag Roll Top delivers everything needed to mount up hit the trail:

・39 liters packable volume
・1 Hot Springs Heat Shield (laser-cut aluminum) + stainless steel clamp included
・Set of 3 RF welded waterproof inner liner Saddlebag Dry Pods with air release valves included
・Rear mounting options - use included fender hooks OR included webbing anchor strap to fit virtually any bike or tail rack
・Side compression straps with molded rubber Giant Loop branded grab handles
・Beavertail and cinch ring with side-release buckled compression straps that integrate with double-end Rogue Dry Bag and Tillamook Dry Bag (available separately)
・Lash loops to attach Possible Pouch external pockets
・Reflective accents for better visibility
・Military-spec materials and construction
・Limited Lifetime Warranty
・Made in U.S.A.
・Compare to the original Coyote Saddlebag.

Expand the rackless Coyote Saddlebag Roll Top with Giant Loop’s adventure proof packing system:

・Choose a Combination option for enhanced storage and accessibility by adding a Rogue Dry Bag and Possibles Pouches.
・Add a pair of stainless steel Giant Loop Mounts to help keep anchor straps away from hot exhaust.
・Create quick anchors on the rear fender with our Footmans Loop Anchor Kit - works great on late model KTM, Husqvarna and other motorcycles with under-fender supports.
・Complete your kit with a slim Giant Loop Tank Bag that provides quick gear storage but stays out of the way when riding hard standing on the pegs.

■Specs & Features
・Volume: 39 liters
・Weight: 4.5 lbs (with included Hot Springs Heat Shield and 3 Dry Pods)

Approximate dimensions (fully packed)
61.5″ - bottom of pannier, across top to bottom of other pannier bucket
39″ - from one end to the other measuring along the middle of the base
7″ - height of bag in top center
6″ - distance from inside to outside of pannier bucket bottom
9″ - front to back in top center

・Outer shell: 22 oz. vinyl coated polyester reinforced with ballistic nylon
・Military-spec fasteners
・Custom-woven ballistic webbing on lower anchor straps
・Nylike webbing compression straps

■Fits These Models
・GBeta: 450/525 RS Dual Sport / SuperMoto
・BMW: G450X, F650, G650, X-Challenge, Cross-Country, HP2
・KTM: all models 200, 300, 400, 450, 500, 525, 530 RXC 400, 450, 620, 640/640 ADV, 690 Enduro, 950/990/1190/1090/1290 ADV (use KTM Passenger Handle Removal Spacer Kit for 1090/1190/1290), 950 SE
・Husaberg: FE models
・Husqvarna: FE, FC, TE, SM models
・Honda: all XR series, all CRF series, Rally Raid Honda CB500X Adventure, Africa Twin
・Suzuki: all DR series and RM-Z
・Yamaha: all WR series and YZF
・Kawasaki: All KLX and KLR


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