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Not Getting In The Way of Learning - Part B

From the course: Teaching Assistant

Taught by: Sue Fisher | Length: 59 | Series: Teaching Assistant


  • All research in recent years indicates that the biggest problem with TAs can be that they get in the way of learning


  • Identifying when learning is happening
  • What is interrupting learning?
  • How to avoid interrupting learning

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About the Presenter

Sue initially trained as a teacher and then became a school SENCo, through which she developed a passion for Inclusion and supporting children with additional or special educational needs and disabilities.

She moved to a post as an Area SENCo and as a specialist teacher for children with ASD, communication and interaction needs and supporting positive behaviour. She then became a senior advisor within the Local Authority for quality and outcomes (Early Years) with a county remit for Inclusion and Special Educational Needs.

She now works nationwide as independent consultant. She is EYFS profile moderation manager for a local authority and an associate for companies such as 4Children (now closed), Kate Cairns Assocaites, Early Education, ASEND and Church Park Consultants. Through this she has carried out work for Local Authorities, Department for Education, schools and settings.

She is also a Makaton regional tutor, working with a wide range of professionals, parents and carers.